Sunday, April 25, 2010

Road map

1. Support multiple instances of the Messaging Widget.
2. Next major release would be a "Crossover" release.
3. Add Multiple Messaging Widget co-existence with different content.
4. Add Crossover to Contacts Widget, w/ an option in the Messaging Widget menu.
5. Add Crossover to Threads Widget, w/ an option in the Messaging Widget menu.
6. Add Widget color change support.
7. Add custom widget background.
8. Add user generated widget layout/background.
9. Add Portrait (2x2) widget.
10. Make decision on making a fullscreen widget, based on the feed back from the Crossovers, as the Multiple instances co-existence w/ distinguished functionalities could render a fullscreen widget unnecessary.
11. Add Auto popu of the Soft Input Method for SDK <= 4.
12. Fix CLIQ Facebook pic support.
13. Add other models Facebook pic support.
14. Add a dedicated Layout package.
15. Fix according to your feedback.
16. Other feature as times goes by.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, I'm not sure if you're still working on this project, as I haven't been seeing any updates, but I really love this widget, I can't live without it!!!
    It's just that after updating to Froyo, the auto-conversation functionality became a bit faulty.
    Say I would have 4 widgets all with the auto-conversation function, they would normally display my 4 most recent messages; however, after the update, the widgets seem to be stuck on a particular thread, not necessarily even a recent thread.
    I'd really love for this to be fixed, is there some way you could come back to your fans?